The Rt. 208 Sale Trail Committee would like to invite everyone to participate in this massive event for the County of Spotsylvania!

Get together with your neighbors, co-workers, church members, or any other organization that you may be a member of, and host a sale of your choice! Whether that’s a multi-family yard sale, or even if you just have a few items to get rid of, the Rt. 208 Sale Trail is the perfect place to do it!

Remember, the money that you make from the sale is yours to keep!


Don’t live along the route but want to participate? Do you have extra space available for other participants?

No problem! Just visit the Find/Sell Spaces link on this website or our Facebook page for a listing of persons who have spaces/tables available. Please contact them directly for information.

Interested in selling food at the Rt. 208 Sale Trail?

Per County Code- Chapter 21- Taxation/ Article IX- Any restaurant, catering, deli, individual, mobile vendor, etc. selling food items that are ready for immediate consumption are required to collect 4% meals tax payable to Spotsylvania County and this in addition to sales tax payable to the State of Virginia.

If you are planning to sell food items at the Sale Trail, be sure to visit to get the necessary registration forms. Please contact the Spotsylvania County Business Tax Division at (540) 507-7051 with any questions.